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StoreFrame Patch

Please note that we are trying our best to keep up with important bug fixes of Magento 2 within our Framework. We cannot guarantee all bugs within Magento 2 are fixed, but we are trying to always fix the most important bugs that hinder the webshop vulnerable to attacks as well as bugs that prevents a smooth flow of checkout.

StoreFrame Framework comes with some important Magento 2 core bug patches made for each versions. Instead of writing a new modules, we use composer patch to override the original code within the vendor directory. In which we are using Vaimo composer patch module to apply those patches.

Local Patches

If you need to create an additional patch for your project, you can create it within your Magento root directory within the directory called patches. Below is an example how to add patches to your Magento root composer.json.

"extra": {
        "patches": {
            "magento/magento2-base": {
                "Fix magento sticky ui": "patches/magento-sticky.diff"