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StoreFrame Modules

The following modules are installed by default in the StoreFrame Theme and are also managed by the StoreFrame Team. You can also report bugs and improvements to us via support.

Module Description
Storeframe_AdminOrderGridFilter Storeframe_AdminOrderGridFilter enhances the order grid in the Magento admin panel by adding extra filter options, making it easier for admins to find and manage specific orders.
Storeframe_Adminconfig The Storeframe_Adminconfig module provides additional configuration options for the Magento admin panel, which could include customizing the admin interface's appearance or adding new functionalities.
Storeframe_BankTransferPdf The Storeframe_BankTransferPdf module adds a feature to generate a PDF with bank transfer information for customers that select this payment method. This can be useful for customer service and account management.
Storeframe_Baseconfig Storeframe_Baseconfig is a support module from Storeframe used as a base for their other Magento modules, containing common functions and libraries.
Storeframe_CategoryBackground Storeframe_CategoryBackground allows setting a background image for specific category pages in your Magento webshop, contributing to the store's visual appeal and branding.
Storeframe_DeliveryEstimate The Storeframe_DeliveryEstimate module provides an estimate of delivery times during the checkout process, informing customers about their order's expected delivery time.
Storeframe_QuantityDropdown This module from Storeframe replaces the standard quantity input on product pages with a dropdown list, limiting customers to selecting predefined quantities.
Storeframe_SlickCarousel The Storeframe_SlickCarousel module adds a responsive carousel to your Magento webshop, which can be used to showcase products, categories, or other content attractively.
Storeframe_Themecustomizer The Storeframe_Themecustomizer module provides functionality to customize the theme of your Magento store, allowing admins to adjust elements like color schemes, fonts, and other design elements.