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Directories & Files

Added Directories (in root)

sitemaps (to keep sitemaps.xml)

feeds (to keep product xml feeds especially when using 3rd party product feed generator)

patches (to keep local vendor patches, please create this directory if not exist)

Special for Sitemaps & Feeds

To make sitemaps and feeds accessible within production mode front-end inside pub directory (especially with document root is pub true within your Magento 2 env.php file)

'document_root_is_pub' => true
A deployment script automatically move generated files within the previous release path to the new release path and then recreate a symlink within the pub directory for each deployment.

Modified Files (in root)

composer.json (Using StoreFrame packagist repo and to ignore future .gitignore changes)

grunt-config.json (Full replacement to make Grunt config compile StoreFrame child theme)

auth.json (Added StoreFrame Packagist credentials)

.gitignore (Full replacement to only track important files / changes that is not tracked by composer.lock)

deploy.php (Added StoreFrame recipe and server environment configuration)

Added Files (in root)

Gruntfile.js (copied from the default Gruntfile.js.sample)

package.json (copied from the default package.json.sample)