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Frequently Asking Questions

1. What is StoreFrame Hub?

StoreFrame is a revolutionary platform designed to revolutionize e-commerce setup, making it more efficient and accessible for businesses of all sizes. Born from the frustrations of complex and costly e-commerce projects, StoreFrame offers a quick and cost-effective way to launch and manage Magento 2 stores. Our mission is to simplify Magento 2 operations, countering the norm of lengthy development and persistent bugs. We pride ourselves on professionalism and a commitment to continuous learning, drawing inspiration from Kendrick Lamar's philosophy of humility and openness to new knowledge. StoreFrame is more than a tool; it represents a new mindset in e-commerce, focusing on ease, efficiency, and excellence in managing online stores.

2. How do I start a new project with StoreFrame?

Begin by creating a project within StoreFrame and then enter the API key from your chosen provider, such as Hetzner or Linode.

3. What automatic configurations are made after choosing a server?

The chosen server is automatically set up with 17 docker containers that contain various services, such as Certbot, Code Server, Crowdsec, ElasticSearch, and more.

4. Which services are installed on my server?

Services range from SSL certificate management (Certbot) and online code adjustments (Code Server) to database management (MariaDB, Phpmyadmin) and website performance monitoring (Netdata).

5. Which versions of Magento can I install?

During the project creation, you can select the desired version of Magento, as well as a theme such as the StoreFrame theme, Hyva, Breeze (Blank and Evolution), or the standard Luma Theme of Magento.

6. Can I install sample data from Magento?

Yes, you have the option to install sample data from Magento or to skip it.

7. How long does the entire installation process take?

The complete process, from starting a new project to the full installation of Magento and all services, takes approximately 24 minutes.

8. What about the security of my website?

StoreFrame Hub includes Crowdsec, a comprehensive security suite, as well as automatic SSL certification via Certbot.

9. How can I monitor the performance of my website?

Netdata is included for monitoring website performance and identifying potential issues.

10. Does StoreFrame Hub support caching?

Yes, Redis is used for caching within Magento and for session management, while Varnish serves as front-end caching for Magento.